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  • Property Search.
  • Wide range of properties.
  • Advice based on individual customer needs.
  • Research and document review of the property.
  • Reservation Contract.
  • Tax and legal advice throughout the purchase process.
  • Accompanying you to the notary.
  • Land Registry.
  • Transfer services (water, electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Property insurance.
  • After sales service.


  • Search buyers
  • Marketing your property
  • Publishing your property at market leading portals.
  • Wide network of national and international partners.
  • Newspaper activities related to property report.
  • Compilation of documentation required for the sale.
  • Tax and legal advice throughout the sale process.
  • Energy certificate.
  • Reservation Contract.
  • Accompany you to the notary.
  • After sales service.


Services for the Owner


  • Publishing your property at market leading portals.
  • Wide network of national and international partners.
  • Lease under current legislation.
  • Transfer services (water, electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Energy certificate.


  • Analysis of Tenant Solvency
    • Documentary debt check
    • Solvency check in relation to income and rent cost.
  • A 902 helpline for assistance and questions.
  • Covering legal expenses, claims and eviction of the tenant.
    • of rights under the lease.
    • for breach of other insurers
    • for breach of contract for repair and / or maintenance included
    • material damage caused by third parties
  • Guarantee that the monthly payment of the tenant fails to pay
  • Repair of the dwelling in the event of vandalism caused by the tenant
  • If an eviction occurs, we seek a new tenant for free

The tenant services

  • Property search.
  • Wide range of properties.
  • Rent without agency commission.
  • Advice based on individual customer needs.
  • Lease contract in accordance with current legislation.
  • Transfer services (water, electricity, gas, etc.)
  • After sales service.


  • Exclusive Partners of NOVASOL AS.
  • Solid Danish company with over 45 years experience in the market.
  • 40,000 houses and apartments in 27 European destinations.
  • Customers are mostly Scandinavian and central European who book stays in summer and in mid & low seasons.
  • Publication of your property in catalogues for the main markets of origin.
  • Collaboration with more than 30,000 travel agencies.
  • Reservations online from around the world.
  • Publication in the major portals.
  • Payment in advance by tenants.
  • Free and secure payment of damages to 135 Euros.
  • Collaboration at no cost to the owner.
  • We communicate continuously on reservations, rental periods, the names and nationalities of customers.
  • Earn money for the weeks you do not use your holiday home.


  • Receipt of tenants, handover.
  • Troubleshooting or questions on the part of tenants.
  • Collection of keys on tenant departure.
  • Final cleaning.
  • Change of sheets, towels, etc.
  • Preparation for new tenants
  • Maintenance of garden and pool
  • We accompany professionals for possible repairs.
  • Supply meter readiing.

Management service for those who rent privately.

6.Tax Consulting

  • Indirect taxation
    • Corporate income tax.
    • Income tax of individuals.
    • Declarations and advice to expatriates.
    • Wealth Tax.
    • Inheritance tax.
    • Value added tax.
    • Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty.
    • Tax on insurance premiums.
    • Excise duties.
  • Local and Regional Taxation
    • Taxes and local charges.
    • Taxation regions.
  • Tax Procedures
    • Tax management, consultations, complaints.
    • Inspection procedures, testing of various taxes.
    • Recourse and complaints via economic, administrative and contentious administrative.
    • Disciplinary proceedings.
    • Collection procedure.

From the point of view of our services, our company offers our clients the solution to the following requirements:

  • Employment and labour contracts in the company management.
  • Legal advice on matters relating to labour relations in the company.
  • Legal defence in litigation before the labour courts.
  • Processing of presentations to the managing bodies of the Social Security.
  • Management of Occupational Hazards.
  • Representation before the Ministry of Labour Inspection.
  • Handling precautions at work.


  • Mercantile Law
    • Setting up of new companies
    • Management of Company's financial operations.
    • Management of the obtaining of bank loans.
    • Creation of financial structures holding.
    • Bringing of actions in proceedings related to bills of exchange and enforcement of judgements.
    • Debt management.
    • Management of V.A.T. refunds
  • Civil Law
    • Family Law
      • Bringing of actions for separation and divorce
      • Management of the separation agreement
      • Hereditary representation and partitionary books.
      • Legal assistance and representation before the Court in filiation and paternity proceedings.
    • Insurance Law
      • Management of compensation claims from insurance companies.
      • Management of civil liability in traffic accidents.
      • Management of extrajudicial negotiation.
      • Revision of insurance company contract.
    • Real Estate Law
      • Revision of purchase, lease, assignment and transfer contracts.
      • Managements of claims against developers and building firms.
      • Legal advice on real estate investments.
      • Legal assistance and representation before the Court in eviction proceedings.
      • Assistance, Management and drafting of mortgage contracts.
      • Paperwork involved in the obtaining of building licences.
  • Administrative Law
    • Urban Law
      • Management an paperwork involved in development projects and urban development planning.
      • Management when obtaining funding for developers.
      • Management and appeals brought by compensation boards.
      • Administrative appeals on the grounds of expropriation, appraisals.
    • Administrative Law
      • Contentious-Administrative appeals.
      • Economic-Administrative appeals
      • Appeals against Administrative sanctions.
      • Paperwork involved in obtaining gambling administrative licences.
      • Issuing of opinions and reports
  • Foreign Law
    • Paperwork involved in obtaining applications for Spanish residence.
    • Paperwork involved in obtaining Fiscal Identity Numbers.
    • Paperwork involved in obtaining visas and Passports.
    • Assistance in obtaining patents and Marks.


  • We work with different banks, which offer our customers different financial products necessary for the purchase of your home.


  • Construction Projects, Reforms and Rehabilitation
  • Interior Design Projects
  • Opening Projects
  • Projects for Legalization
  • Projects Urbanism and Landscaping
  • Energy Certification and Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings
  • Expert reports and Valuations
  • Processing at City Hall; Certificates of Occupancy, Town Planning Qualification etc
  • Technical Building Inspection
  • Surveying and Geotechnical Works

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